Re: Last train to Pittsburgh #photo-notice


I tried to save this really great photo, but it shows as a PART file, with the name dummyfile0, which I've never heard of before.
When 'saved,' it's a blank space that has nothing to open or show, yet it shows up here.
If this is a restricted 1956 photo, perhaps it should not have been posted?

Since it appears as an e-mail attachment, it will eventually be taken off by Groups io, once that album exceeds its limit which is very close by now, with over 1,000 images in it.

Although I have been granted moderator status and try to be a curator for this group's photo albums, I find I cannot move any photos from the e-mail album to other subject oriented folder for future reference in this or for the SIRT sub-group.   

Ed  Bommer

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