Re: Last train to Pittsburgh #photo-notice


I can see the photo quite well well in the message.
It also shows in the E mailed Photos album of the Photos section.
This picture has a file extension name of  'PART file.' 
It is not a recognized photo file extension name so far as I can see.
If I save it to my computer, I get a blank box.  

The name of that photo is also strange, being 'dummyfile.0' .
Try downloading it to save.
If you can indeed save this photo on your computer's drive (not just a link to it, but the photo itself), let us know how you did it.

I tried the "Copy Image" and paste to a folder procedure, but 'paste' is dimmed out.
I use WIN 10, MS Edge.

Many thanks, 
Ed Bommer. 

Ed Bommer

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