switch lock keys

Cohen Bob

Presuming you haven't been in any real hurry to get the necessary key/s for your locks, here is a likely easier AND lesser expensive method for acquiring said key/s, and likely a lot more: trains shows whenever they resume.

I know from personal experience and observations that at some shows, usually the bigger ones with many dealers, that some and of course it's gonna vary from show to show and of course, the show in general, that usually a few dealers might have a variety of keys. Price like everything else is negotiable, and of course it might not have B&O on the key especially since many railroads used the same basic lock/s and keys over the years.

Luck and patience are the name of this game but as I stated at the outset, you haven't been in big hurry anyway so a little bit of searching might be in order.

The best part about a show is you can try out the key in YOUR lock, vs. maybe getting lucky using a venue like ebay.

Another possible place are antique malls or whatever they might be called in your area, but 2nd hand stores where various vendors lease a segment of the place are another shot.

Been there done that. Besides, you never quite know what else you might find while there and have lots of fun in the process. What else do you have to do these days anyway?

Bob Cohen

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