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Walter Magel

In another forum a good while back, there was a discussion about trim color on B&O structures post World War 2. It was brought up
that the trim as applied was black, but over time it faded on these structures, and looked more brownish.

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Sometime in the early to mid 1960’s.  (From observation, I’ve seen no official documentation)    There was a period in the early 1960’s when there was little or no contrasting trim and later they started using brown.  


John King


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When did the B&O switch to a medium brown for the structures trim color? I thought it was supposed to be black?


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In the Underwood slides on the Barriger Library site, both downloaded images attached are labeled as Leipsic, Ohio.   


I would suggest these are NS tower and the B&O depot in Lima, Ohio.




Both XN and KN towers in Leipsic, Ohio are brick, as I remember.




B&O NS tower in Lima had ....


-  wood frame with siding construction


-  exterior chimney brickwork


-  bay window


-  station platform in foreground.


....  as in the attached photo.





Depot photo is also labeled Leipsic, it would be Lima.  




Image labeling is mine, subject to imminent change.




Is there agreement?






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