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Eric Hansmann

From Ed and John's posts, it seems there are a couple differences between the N-35 and N-35A cars.

Ed mentioned the AAR Z-26 center sill on the N-35A and John notes a different side sill appearance on the same cars.

Eric Hansmann
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The design of the AAR 1935 Standard Twin Hopper car was slightly revised around 1940 or 1941.   The early version on B&O was N-35, the revised version was similar to the N-35A . One noticeable difference is the appearance of the side sill that angles up from the car body to the end sill (N-35) and the revised version that is level from the car body to the end sill (like the N-35A).       The Atlas model represents the early version and the Kadee model represents the revised version built during the 1940's and 1950's..  Of course neither has the Duryea underframe of B&O cars but a side view of the early version looks like an N-35 and a side view of the N-35A is the revised version.    

Curiously Atlas letters and numbers its B&O car as an N-35a when it closer to an an N-35.     The end bracing on the Kadee model is different than what B&O used. 

Bottom line is there is a noticeable difference between N-35 and N-35A .   

Hopefully the above is confusing enough to prod the experts to chime in with more complete/precise information.   Right now my flatbed scanner is not talking to my computer so I can't scan and post photos to show the difference.

John King.       

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Looking at B&O Official Equipment Diagrams we find the Class N-35 built in 1940 and 1941, 50 Ton Steel Hoppers were built by Bethlehem Steel Co. and General American Transport, 1000 cars each with 9-Q trucks and Duryea Underframe.

The N-35A cars were built from 1944 to 1947 by Beth. Stl. Co., Pull. Std., A C & F, Ralston, and Pressed Steel. in 500 to 1000 batches with 9-T trucks and Duryea Underframe with type 1 single spring and AAR Z-26 Center Sills.  

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