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Jim Mischke

The lady in Maine must be doing all right if she can withstand the hickory-striped customer clamor.

The vain insane hatter in Maine mainly deigns to inflict pain.   In the rain.   Plainly.     Or something like that.

Thank you to the group for ruining engneers' hats for me.  I was going to get one at some tourist railroad gift shop someday but now none are sufficiently B&O.

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I think I'm seeing those 6-part crown hats that I described, but with all hickory striped material, no blue denim bill and head band.  Yes, that is the term for the narrow pin stripe material, which Ann Moore, the hat lady from Maine said was no longer available. 


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Here is an example of winter dress on the St. Louis Division towards the end of the steam era.  I don't have a date for this picture, which was taken at Shops (Washington), Indiana, but it's my understanding that the 2741 was retired in 1954.  I don't know the name of the West End Engineer, but the man standing in the gangway is Jesse Colbert, who hired on as a Fireman in late 1941 and was promoted to Engineer in 1955.  By the time I started working in 1968, he was holding a regular turn as Engineer in through freight on the Illinois Subdivision.  I worked with him several times, but only in summer weather, and he dressed comfortably in light weight clothing that would have been suitable for any casual social event.  His son Danny was a year ahead of me at Purdue University and also worked as a Fireman on the Illinois Subdivision during our summer vacations.

One afternoon I was ordered to deadhead from Vincennes to Shops on an eastbound freight and Jesse Colbert was the Engineer and Danny was his Fireman.  Jesse let Danny run for the last few miles and also make the stop for the crew change at the Relay at the east end of Shops Yard.  It was no surprise that Danny made the stop at the Relay just like his father would have.

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