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Jim Mischke

An excellent collection to browse.  Good to spread the word, Doug.  Thank you.

The J. Parker Lamb collection there also has some B&O steam.  Parker saw some on the nearby Toledo Division as a University of Illinois undergraduate, and he used his car to seek out yet more B&O steam before they were all gone.

Group:  As with all online image collections, download what you like immediately.   Lately, I have had the honor of revisiting some favorite sites only to find the page owner has since disabled download permissions.  Or sites suddenly go extinct, like Mr. Laboda's passenger car site, or as the RR Fallen Flags site will (again).  Or current photo google hits have been usurped by the Pinterest scam.

The problem with the railphoto-art gang is that they do not use flatbed scanners.    They use hand-held smartphones.   Everything is inherently low resolution through a second camera lens.   Nothing professional about them.   This is not what the founder, the late John Gruber, the retired University of Wisconsin staff photographer and darkroom wizard, had in mind.

The Hadley collection photos are not dated nor placed.   This might be because the photographer himself labeled nothing.  Like the late J.J. Young.   A lot of the old photographer guys were that way.   One of the most vigorous steam negative dealers discarded all sleeves (and all date, place, train, photographer information) in favor of his own sleeves, for how they looked in the drawers, I suppose.

Date and place make a huge difference.  Is a fabulous B&O steam photo on the Old Main Line or Beardstown?

For a long time, I separated out unlabeled B&O diesel photos into purgatory notebooks and did not include them in my research binders because they lacked context, assignment, and dates for appearance changes.  I've softened a bit with age, information, and abundance.   Yet my B&O steam notebooks would be barren if I excluded unlabeled images.

On Friday, January 7, 2022, 08:46:25 PM MST, Doug Kisala via <dougkisala@...> wrote:

Hello list,

I enjoy the Center for Railroad Photography and Art's webpage.

There's a collection I had not noticed before from Mr. Robert A Hadley which includes a number of steam and transition era B&O photos.

You may need to copy and paste the link to get it to work.  The site seems to work better with Google's Chrome browser for me.

Doug Kisala

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