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Jim Mischke

BobGP, another pointer for your mail train.    The express cars never went to the wash rack like the passenger cars did.   They went straight to the freight house or train connection, .... they carry mail and express, after all ..... not to the coach yards for cleaning inside and out.      

Mail trains were dirty throughout.   Even in color photos, one cannot tell if the C-15 exprerss cars or C16 wagontop express cars were blue or green.  Blue paint was mandated per B&O memo dated in January 1947, cars then painted blue at some subsequent shopping, only to get dirty again.

The C-17 express cars, a 1947 troop sleeper rehab project, were only blue.

Express cars had no car data in their lettering.   The produced models and F&C decals are properly lettered in this way.

On Tuesday, January 4, 2022, 07:58:02 AM MST, Steve Long <steve.long4@...> wrote:

Ooops!  I meant to type "C-15, C-16 and C-17".  The wagon tops were equipped for passenger service, and were probably blue or green - hard to tell in B&W photos.

Steve Long

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Pittsburgh Division equivalents would be 31 and 32.  I think there was some passenger "accommodation"on 32 up through the mid-1950s, although "unofficial" after 1949.  That apparently accounted for an air conditioned coach.  There is also mention of a regularly dead-headed coach/combine and "express cars of every description." Some pictures show C-15, C-16, C-15 and 2- and 3-door baggage cars.

Steve Long

On 1/4/2022 9:13 AM, Robert G P wrote:
Morning everyone,

Not long ago I asked about the consist of Mail & Express train 30.

If not a hassle could someone share the consist of train 29, at least between Cumberland and Parkersberg?

I know these two ran on the lower mainline (Western Sub) into Ohio. What would the northern equivalent of these trains be? Heading into PA and Northern Ohio?

Thanks a lot,
Bob GP

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