Re: Modernized 12-1 on Capitol Limited in early 1950s.

Jim Mischke

Yes, it is by Underwood.   Image B&O751, on the 9th album page.

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This looks like many of the photos Nick Fry posted from the Barriger Library Collection several months ago.  What is the source for the photo?

Travers, 1-18-22
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Same thing in reverse, except an extra window for Drawing Room A.  The Pullman Conductors, on 19 and 20 anyway, usually took that for themselves.

Tom Gray

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Thank you for that photo, Jim!

Looks like a couple of the single windows on the side shown got blanked during the modernization - I think over the toilets.  I wonder what happened on the other side.

Steve Long

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Here is a photo of S-14e East Norwood, a car from that series.

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Im pretty sure all of the "East" 12 and 1 cars were refurbished  - East Youngstown and East Sparta on the  Ambassador were to single windows on the sections, carpeting and modernizing of the "lounges"  lavatories and toilets.  I would assume east Madisonville and Akron on the Cap and whatever was on the National or Shennendoah as well. Sorry no pics.
Tom Gray

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From what I have read in old train schedules and books, the Capitol
Limited continued to carry a modernized 12-1 sleeper in its consist in
the early 1950s, even after adding the 16-4 sleepers.   One source said
at least one of them was named "East Akron".

But, I am not finding much in the way of pictures of B&O modernized 12-1
sleepers.  I am expecting something with thermopane windows and an
arched roof, probably sloped down to match light weight passenger cars
at its ends.  But, I am thinking that the paired windows were probably
combined into single panes with rounded corners.  And, possibly the
window arrangement was somewhat modified from the clerestory roofed
versions.  That seems to be the style that I see in modernized 10-2-1s
and 8-whatevers.

So, does anybody have pictures of an early 1950s version modernized 12-1
that was used on B&O premier trains? The only picture I have found of a
12-1 of that era ("Unionville") was specifically said to have not been
used on the premier trains, and seems to have simply been given
thermopane windows and a "turtle" roof that was rounded down completely
at the ends.

Pictures of both sides would be nice, but I will appreciate anything I
can get.

Steve Long

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