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History and Information about the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad 1827-1987 This list is for individuals interested in the history and modeling of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Application for membership must include a short one-sentence narrative to justify request. Many list members belong to the B&O Railroad Historical Society. The list owners support the Society and encourages research and writing for "The Sentinel", the Society’s magazine. This list is NOT a part of, NOR is it affiliated with the B&O Railroad Historical Society. Rules are simple: Stay close to the B&O topic, use a commendable degree of politeness, and enjoy expanding your own knowledge while helping others. {FLAMERS WILL BE  MODERATED AND  MAY BE BANNED FROM THE LIST}. In posting files and photos to the "Files" and "Photos" sections, the member is responsible for making sure he/she has the legal right to use the material being posted. Please consult the posting guidelines in each section before uploading images or files. Attachments to individual posts are also allowed. Civil discussion/clarification of Society policies is permitted, but individual Society member problems and issues must be resolved using one of the email addresses at the Society’s web site, Advertisement of the sale of railroad-related items on this list is permitted, provided there is B&O content in some form, and that responses to such advertisements are kept off-list. Announcements of upcoming train shows must indicate that the show takes place at a location in either of the 13 states that the B&O operated. HOWEVER, announcement of any show taking place OUTSIDE of the 13 state area that the B&O operated must have some mention of B&O content. Violation of this train show advertisement policy by any list member will be dealt with appropriately on a case-by-case basis, either resulting in placement of that member on moderated status, or in the extreme, possible banishment from the list. Only ONE train show announcement per show.
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