Moderator: Online Railroad Book Scam UPDATE

Jim Mischke


This scam warning is so widespread now, it is becoming spam in itself.

Sufiice it to say, there is something untoward going on, use extra care in online purchases.  Seek only the finest, upstanding, extra super-special just plain folks as book vendors.  Like Craig Close.

Let us mention it no more, going forward.  No update updates.

Back to B&O in all its glory.

JIm Mischke
Spam Task Force Watch Commander
B&O Thought Police

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The Conrail Historical Society folks sent me this scam warning.   Not spam, this is wire fraud.

All of us ebay lurkers need to know about this.   While the initial perpetrator is in deep doodoo and known by real name and address, some of this fraud persists despite his recent, permanent absence in legitimate places.

It's a bit long in the telling, yet I am not in a positon to edit it down.

Buyer beware.  Go hug your B&O stuff.