Thanks, a friend of mine is planning on painting a model, the model I'm not sure of, and had asked me. He was also wondering about the correct paint colors and I had suggested the TruColor paints. Thanks.

Greg LaRocca


 I think they are accurate and give good results, and are what I would use if painting any of the engines they are intended for.  The E unit decals were developed from an article that was in Mainline Modeler many years ago, and followed the drawings therein.  The F-unit/FA/Shark set was redone sometime ago to have finer stripes and to have the black band with stripes integral to it.  The nose stripes are printed specific for each engine model.  I have painted Sharks and F7's using this set and was happy with the results.



How accurate are MicroScale's decals for B&O E8 Blue/black/grey diesels? or FA's?