B&O Louisville Subdivision 1952

Bill Breeden - NA5DX

Here is a great picture taken by Rodney H. Peterson at New Albany, Indiana in April 1952.  The New Albany depot is just out of the picture to the left of the truck working the head end car.  The train's timetable direction is westward towards Louisville, and from a compass perspective, the 115 is pointed just about due south at this point on the curve that swings the Louisville Subdivision onto Vincennes Street for the approach to the Kentucky & Indiana Terminal Railroad's Ohio River bridge.  Given the angle of the sun, I suspect this is passenger train No. 55 making it's late afternoon station stop at New Albany.  The units that arrived in Louisville early in the morning on freight train No. 89, weren't due out for more than 14 hours later on freight train No. 90 that evening.  Those units could easily make a round trip to North Vernon and back on passenger trains No. 50 and No. 55, which were the shuttle trains that connected at North Vernon with No. 2, the eastbound National Limited.

Bill Breeden 

May be an image of train, railroad and text