better West End traffic (was: Cumberland to Grafton & Oakland MD)

Frederick Ripley

Thanks Jim - appreciate the good wishes!

As somebody noted on the list not long ago - Bruce Elliot I think it was - the traffic on the West End has improved CONSIDERABLY of late.  Much of the loaded coal had been going east via Fairmont and Sandpatch.
It now stays on the main line, with DPU locos both mid-train & rear.  Daily train totals would seem to be up to perhaps 10, which is double from a couple of years ago.

Fred R.

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If you think of it and it fits your presentation, note for your audience that the last spike and open for service are two different dates.

The former is one last hammer swing, the latter is regular service offered to the public.   

Examples:  Scheduled trains, and ticket sales to their passengers at faraway stations

Thank you for keeping B&O alive with the public.

I wish you and your audience an enjoyable, informative discussion.

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