brakes, was:Rapido B&O M-24 USRA boxcar announced

Jim Mischke

AB brakes did everything better.  More reliable, greater endurance for maitaining presssue (about 30 minutes until aor bleeds off.  You can bet they cost less, too.

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Hi, Eric --

if you're modeling the 1920s, I'd love to see some pics.

What was the problem with the K brakes that led them to being banned?

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Carl Barna

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Jim notes the following in his last email. 

Revenue service M-24 peetered out in the mid-1960's down to the last two. 

Other lines had some double- and single-sheathed boxcars in service into the 1960s. But the K brake ban really minimized the quantity of wood-sheathed boxcars on the rails. 

For better freight car fleet modeling variety, I suggest back-dating into the 1920s. C’mon in. The water’s fine. 

Eric Hansmann
Murfreesboro, TN

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Did single and double sheathed boxcars make it into the '50s?

After the initial red painting of B&O wooden water towers, did the railroad stick with that scheme until the end of steam, or did they change it?

Carl Barna