M&K RR had an amusment park!

Jim Mischke

In my web surfing, I came across a 1912 post card for sale,  It shows an Oak Park amusment park on the M&K, perhaps owned by the M&K.

Looking into it further, the park opened in 1909, faded away in the 1920's.   It situated one mile west of Masontown, and the active coal fields.

Previously on this list, we have discussed B&O's amusment park on a Potomac River island upstream from Harpers Ferry. ....  . flooded out ... for the final time ... in 1924.

We have also discussed how the Patapsco Valley near Baltimore, now a routine shady public park, once hosted ballfields, merry-go-rounds, articiifial ponds with canoe rentals, and a host of diversions for Baltimorians to escape the summer heat and manure dust.  All accessible with a B&O train ride to Relay, although I would think the local trolley network was cheaper.

Maybe the Relay hotel and restaurant was not so isolated.