Passenger Car Next to E24a

Doug Kisala

Hello list,

I just added a decoder and a working front coupler to my HO scale Lambert E24a 2-8-0.  I am drafting an article for the B&O Modeler.

While researching an engine number for the model, I came across this photo of E24a 2237 next to (possibly preparing for a switching move) a B&O passenger car.

You might need to copy and paste the link to get it to work.  

What class of passenger car is this?  The arched window closest to the vestibule is something I'm not used to seeing in photos of B&O steel passenger cars.

Thanks very much!

Doug Kisala


Looks like a Class A-16 steel coach built by ACF in 1911.
It has the upper sashes over the double windows plated over.
Likely done in the late 1920's or 1930's?

Ed Bommer