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When an email address is put in a message and goes through the “group-system” it is best to spell it out something like:

                    agelliott88<at>yahoo<dot>com  (or send a private message…?)


Depending on where along the food chain someone gets the message the group-system may have obscured the email address.


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                  Good afternoon Carl;


           I've had the same E-mail for years;    agelliott88@....        

Perhaps some day I will do a video.





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Bruce -- I've tried to email you several times at your '88' address, and it bounces back. Have you changed your email address?


Carl Barna

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                      Good afternoon Roger;


                Thank you very much for sharing this video. Those of us who model the B&O, and on this list that's all of us, should take the time to see all three parts. We all have many coal trains hauling loads out and empties back, but especially for those of us who have chosen to replicate a collier, this shows us all just how large, an operation was and how almost insignificant our models are. The video reminded me that there are many different sizes and grades of coal, which means that our loads should for the most part reflect these sizes also, based on what a customer wants. The best part is that this documentary is on the Buffalo Creek & Gaulley and the Elk River railroad which cut lumber, all of which was exchanged with the B&O at Dundon. Like the video on the BC&G, the footage on the Elk River Lbr. Co. shows just how labor intensive these operations were. For the most part, our representations are minuscule representations. On mt layout I have two colliers and a small mom and pop logging operation, yet these three operations comprise the lions share of two branchlines. I also have a small 24 beehive coke oven operation.   Anyway, thanks again and have a great week !





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I just found a really informative video on youtube about Widen, WV. It's basically 3 parts. First part is all about the BC&G and all the surrounding area and shows what life was like in the day. Great research for your coal camp. The second part (about 53 minutes into it) is about coal from being first mined to the tipple and shows all the many processes like shaker tables, sorting tables, crushing, washing and loading. Amazing old footage! The third part (about 1:13) is the Elk River lumbering operation showing all of that mill process. The Barnhardt loader at work was pretty neat as was Climax #3. It ends with mostly still photos of train.

Roger Huber